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Features and ideas posted by AroliS^ at 2019-03-04 06:19:03clan system released - make you clan appear on the right board
News things & Nuevas cosas posted by AroliS^ at 2019-02-24 01:23:21Server is now on two languages -> Spanish and English, it will detect your language by your country and you will be able to choose too, /lang es/en. Clan System will be realeased you will be able to apply to add in your clan, commands will be /addclan, /addmember, /kickmember, /clancar will be able to buy a car for ur clan. More clan commands will be added about it. IRC System added by Itachi, special thanks to him. And many Features more. El servidor esta en 2 idimas -> Español y English, este sistema detectara tu idioma por tu pais y seras permitido cambiar tambien, /idioma es/en. Sistema de clanes sera lanzado, seras permitido aplicar para agregar en el servidor tu clan, algunos comandos seran /addclan, /addmember, /kickmember, /clancar seran permitidos comprar autos para tu clan. Mas comandos de clan seran lanzados. Sistema de irc por Itachi, gracias especiales a el. Y muchas mas caracteristicas.
Features and ideas posted by AroliS^ at 2019-02-04 02:27:27 CA-CITY, new version 0.3 will realesed on feb 14 will have the next features: 1. Anti-Hack - will detect any hack on files, auroras, hp, hyper. 2. Props system - buy, sell, description, proploc, etc. 3. donator benefits - You will get double rewards, when you kill one will be count as 2 players, access to some admins command like invisible and killto, etc. Ideas - World system you will be able to buy and sell worlds as you want, you can give us your ideas at the forum be seriuos with it.
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